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It is our joy and honour to be able to reconnect you to the souls who have shared your life with you. Whether it is a relative, friend, acquaintance or pet, all souls come through in your sessions to help you do one thing: heal. As a channel, it is our responsibility to deliver their messages and affirmations free of interpretation and to also love you in this process, free of judgment. Through love, laughter and the art of apology, souls are eager to help you heal and move forward in your journey here on earth. This kind of experience is an opportunity for you to begin building a beautiful new kind of relationship with the souls on the other side.

Medical Intuitive

This gift allows us to see inside the body, similar to a CAT scan or X-ray in order to locate pain, illness and disease.  Our physical experience (pain and illness) is a manifestation of our emotional, psychological, and spiritual experiences. Whether it is a past, present or future issue, the purpose of this gift is to help you understand what your body is trying to tell you and what lessons you are being offered. Medical intuitive information can often validate issues that the medical community cannot always validate and empower you for prevention and healthy decision making in your future.


Gifts include- seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, inner knowing, remote viewing and accessing other dimensions and realities. The ability to see past, present and future is a tremendous gift that can bring you peace for all three states. Psychic abilities allow you access to insight about why our lives unfold the way they do, why certain people are brought onto our paths (contracts), and answers to where our life is headed. While it is easy and commonplace to feel scattered about our lives these days, these particular gifts offer clearer understanding of where you’ve been, and better direction of where you’re going, relieving you of stress and allowing space in your life for deep breaths and more moments of full presence.

Soul Contracts

Relationships are one of our primary sources of energy as human beings, but oftentimes we do not understand the boundaries and potential of those relationships. Using a combination of psychic gifts, we connect to your soul and the souls of those in your life in order to listen to the lessons and gifts these relationships offer you and the other person. This can help you free yourself of unhealthy relationships that you are holding on to or work to strengthen the beautiful ones you have, both providing you with wisdom and insight into your divine purpose.

Past Life Regression

Rather than regressing you, we journey on your behalf into your past lives to retrieve the lessons your soul was meant to learn. This is a beautiful modality of healing as it can shed light on the patterns or cycles and pain that you are currently experiencing in this lifetime. You may come to better understand your thoughts, beliefs, fears and drives that you have carried from lifetime to lifetime, providing you with the opportunity to then begin healing old patterns and creating new healthy ones.


Reiki is a beautiful and gentle modality for healing, seeking to re-establish one’s life force energy (ki) throughout the body. Through a series of hand positions on or above the body, we serve as a channel while your soul draws on the energy it needs to begin the innate process of self-healing. This healing technique is non-invasive and also transcends all boundaries of religion, economics, geographic location, gender and race.

Empath or Mirror-Touch Synesthesia

An empath is someone who has the ability to feel what another person feels, whether it is a physical or emotional experience. This can be extremely validating if you are struggling with how to express yourself or if someone has denied your emotions in the past. By identifying what it is you are feeling, we can create an open dialogue about why these emotions and thoughts are surfacing. Combined with energy healing (reiki), we work to re-establish balance in the energy centres and the flow of energy throughout the body for optimal physical healing as well as mental, emotional and psychological.


As spiritual beings it is our purpose to awaken from our unconscious state to a vibrant, self-aware, fully alive soul. Alchemy is that profound process. While we were all meant to cycle through the Alchemical process many times in our life, having a better understanding of this process can empower you to move through life with less resistance, experiencing less pain and upset.

Speaking on behalf of non-verbal persons

Using a variety of the healing modalities listed above, it is a beautiful privilege to be able to communicate on behalf of those who do not have the ability to communicate verbally. This can apply to a number of different people whether your situation is the result of an illness, injury or birth defect. Giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves is an imperative part to the healing process. We can address and alleviate their physical and emotional pain, their mental state, and improve the way they choose to live and view the rest of their life. Sessions provide affirmations to the loved ones and caretakers about the individual’s needs, wants and his or her gratitude for your involvement. Treatments are beneficial to all parties involved as they are a source of love, energy and great validation for all that you have experienced.

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