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While we work separately for the most part, we’re both in agreement that the most fun we have is when the two of us come together and hopefully you’ll get a feel for that as you navigate through these pages. This site was designed with two main purposes: 1- to provide you with more opportunities to connect with us and 2- to educate yourself about these beautiful intuitive gifts you are interested in.

Around this site you will find our heartfelt bios that give you just a tiny snapshot of who we are as mother and daughter and as women. You’ll see the types of workshops and events the two of us host or facilitate which will help you understand the different opportunities for you (or your business) to collaborate with either one of us, and most exciting of all, you’ll have access to our inspirational and entertaining podcast shows Coffee with the Sarlos and Sips of Sanity! With all of this available to you , it is our hope that by the time you’ve booked your personal session or committed yourself to our workshops and events, you have a better sense of feeling like you already know us!

Our biggest intention in bringing this site to you is not only to educate and connect to our clients, but to provide you with another level of comfort in knowing that what we do and how we do it is done with love, respect and integrity for our own souls and yours.

Hugs and Happy Dances,



The business of death has been in Karen’s family now for four generations. Born 6th of 9 children to one of North Bay’s more prominent families at the time- the McGuinty’s, Karen spent most of her childhood and teenage years both living and working in the family’s funeral home. It was here that Karen’s intimate journey or relationship with death began. From the time she was a little girl and for decades afterward she’s been bombarded by messages from the spirit world with the opportunity to bridge communication to us here on Earth.

Having been raised in a very strict Catholic family, it has been a long and isolating journey of self-discovery. She has endured the very necessary process of shedding many of the beliefs imposed upon her to be able to discover and combine the beautiful, fundamental beliefs of all religions and spiritual laws, which is love, in order to create the remarkably inclusive belief system she now operates in.

Leaving behind what feels like an entirely different lifetime of 19 jobs, 5 career changes, and a 29 year marriage, Karen has nurtured herself into a completely different woman. She knows firsthand what it means to feel the spirit die before the body ever does and so she works with a focus, an efficiency and the utmost integrity to deliver the Universe’s messages to you, wasting no time reintroducing you to your own soul and the love it holds for you. Gifted, humble and raw with truth, Karen works and speaks this way on behalf of the spirit world because she loves and honours them as much as she does us humans.



Working in similar style and certainly with the same intention, Kelly too has found herself intimately acquainted with death. Fortunately for her, the journey here has not had to be quite as startling or isolating as Karen’s. She credits her remarkable mother for trailblazing such an exciting and nurturing path to learning the ins and outs of the spirit realm and her brother for being one of the first people with whom she learned to communicate telepathically.

Her path has not been without heartache though. Suffering the loss of a great friend when she was in her early twenties and grappling with all of the questions that arise in these kinds of times, Kelly began to really explore her gifts as an intuitive by testing her abilities and accuracy with her mom before taking on a clientele of her own.

Understanding the laws of the Universe and committing herself to loving each and every soul that walks through her door, dead or alive, Kelly delivers your messages with the dual intricacies of both strength and gentleness that will put your heart at ease.



Meet Parker, the third member of our healing team! He was born January 20th, 2015 to mother Miami and father Winston of Dare to Dream Labradoodles in Caledonia, ON. Named after Marvel Comics’ The Amazing Spider-Man, we consider Parker to be our little superhero. As Uncle Ben told him in the comics, “With great power there must also come — great responsibility” and with these gifts, no one understands that better than the three of us.

Having gone through extensive obedience training and having the natural disposition of a human psychiatrist, we hope you’ll feel not only comfortable entering our home with Parker greeting you, but that you look forward to sharing and honouring the beautiful soul of our fluffy coworker. Parker sometimes makes the odd appearance in your sessions (with your permission) for the added therapeutic benefits that dogs provide for us. But if you’re not up for the company during your sessions, not to worry- he’ll be lounging on the kitchen floor keeping his belly nice and cool.

If you haven’t fallen in love with our little man already, check out episode 3 of our Coffee with the Sarlos podcast for the full heartwarming story of how Parker came into our lives!

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