Coffee With The Sarlos

We hope the kettle’s on and you’re settling in nicely. Whether you’re waking up with us, winding down or you’ve found pockets of time in your day to catch up with us like old friends do, we’re glad you’ve arrived. Our podcasts were developed for you in comfortable, conversational format to cover a wide range of topics about what we do, how we do it, what it’s like living with these gifts and the brilliant lessons we learn every day from each other as well as our clients (confidentiality upheld, obviously).

Coffee With The Sarlos

Who Do You Want to Be? How Do You Want to Live? (Ep 157)

July 6, 2018

Today’s episode of Coffee with the Sarlos tells a story about a young woman who sought out Karen’s services to connect with her dead father in hopes to receive advice about her depressed brother. Being a fixer and a people pleaser her whole life, this young woman was relieved to hear that should her brother decide to take his own life, she did not have to live the remainder of her life feeling at fault or that she hadn’t done enough.


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