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Sips of Sanity

sips of sanity PODCAST

NEW, The First Week of Every Month

Sips of Sanity is your personal toolkit for emotional and spiritual intelligence. This podcast was developed by an overwhelming need from clients all over the world who were looking to change their lives. They wanted to break patterns, set boundaries, listen more intently, love more generously and know with certainty their own strengths and identity. Sips of Sanity continues to help individuals gain the best kind of control over their own lives and live more intentionally.
One sip at a time; back to sanity.

Coffee With The Sarlos

Coffee with the sarlos PODCAST

NEW, Every Saturday

We hope the kettle’s on and you’re settling in nicely. Whether you’re waking up with us, winding down or you’ve found pockets of time in your day to catch up with us like old friends do, we’re glad you’ve arrived. This show was developed for you in a comfortable, conversational format to cover a wide range of topics about what we do, how we do it, what it’s like living with these intuitive gifts and the brilliant lessons we learn every day from each other as well as our clients (confidentiality upheld).
We hope you enjoy our original blend!

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Mediums | Medical Intuitives | Psychics | Energy Healers

Karen and Kelly Sarlo are a mother-daughter duo sharing their intuitive gifts as Mediums, Medical Intuitives, Psychics and Energy Healers. These two have individual practices, providing healing sessions to clients all over the world.

Kelly Sarlo

KELLY@KELLYsarlo.com  |  705-845-9066
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